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Armed Robbery in Phoenix, Arizona

There are essentially three different types of robbery charges that can be filed in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale: Robbery, Armed Robbery, and Aggravated Robbery. The most serious of these criminal acts is armed robbery which is committed when a person uses or threatens to use a gun, knife or other deadly weapon during the commission of a robbery. The law in Arizona regarding armed robbery is strict – a person can be convicted of this offense even if they only “simulate” a weapon. For example, if an individual commits a robbery in Phoenix by pointing a toy gun at the victim or by simulating the shape of a weapon with a hand placed in a jacket pocket, armed robbery charges can be filed.

If an actual weapon is used, the Phoenix Armed Robbery can be charged as dangerous offense which will trigger a mandatory prison sentence of 7 to 21 years if the person is convicted. Regardless of whether you are charged with a dangerous armed robbery or a non-dangerous “simulated weapon” armed robbery, you should have an experienced Phoenix Armed Robbery Defense Lawyer fighting to protect your rights and your freedom.

Phoenix Armed Robbery Lawyer

All Phoenix robbery offenses have potential defenses that might be available to the defendant which need to be thoroughly evaluated by a Phoenix armed robbery defense attorney. For example, if the robbery was committed by an individual unknown to the victim, the case may hinge entirely on the victim’s identification of the defendant. Experienced Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson knows how to scrutinize police identification procedures used in armed robbery cases. By conducting an all-encompassing defense investigation and requiring the officers and detectives involved with the case to submit to a pre-trial defense interview, Joshua S. Davidson will help identify any irregularities with the identification procedures used in your case. If it can be demonstrated to the judge that the identification by the victim was the product of a suggestive line-up or other investigative mistake, your case could be dismissed.

If you have been charged with armed robbery in Phoenix, Arizona, you should have an experienced defense attorney on your side ensuring that your rights or protected. Joshua S. Davidson is a former felony prosecutor who possesses the knowledge and skill to develop effective defense strategies that could be the difference between prison and freedom. There is never a charge for you initial consultation so contact his office today to discuss your Phoenix armed robbery case.

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