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Aggravated Robbery in Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, a defendant can be charged with aggravated robbery if one or more accomplices who are physically present during the robbery help the defendant commit the criminal act. It is important to understand that under the laws of accomplice liability, the prosecution can charge everyone who participated or aided in the robbery with aggravated robbery, even if the victim was threatened or injured by only one of the participants. Under Arizona law, aggravated robbery is class 3 felony and carries a greater potential sentence than simple robbery.

Because aggravated robbery in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa and Tempe is based on the presence of other individuals during the robbery, the defense of “mere presence” is often asserted by Phoenix aggravated robbery attorneys like Joshua S. Davidson. Mere presence is a recognized defense under Arizona law which essentially states that it is not a crime to be physically present while a crime is being committed, so long as the individual does not participate in the offense. By simply looking as a look-out, yelling at the victim or encouraging the person actually committing the robbery, an individual may not be available to claim mere presence as a defense to a Phoenix aggravated robbery case. If you are sentenced to prison for aggravated robbery in Phoenix, the presumptive prison term is 3.5 in the Arizona State Department of Corrections. Phoenix Robbery Attorney Joshua S. Davidson is a former prosecutor who will use his experience to help you fight your aggravated robbery charges. He will conduct a complete defense investigation by interviewing witnesses, reviewing physical evidence, and scrutinizing any recorded witness statements. Sometimes potential defenses such as mere presence or unreliable identification are developed through a defense investigation and Phoenix criminal defense attorney Joshua S. Davidson will leave no stone unturned when fighting your case.

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