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Drugs and DUI

Have you been charged with DUI Drugs? If so, you have the opportunity to retain a former prosecutor to defend you. Unlike alcohol, the prosecution can decide whether to charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor if it is alleged that there were drugs involved in a DUI charge. Joshua S. Davidson is a former prosecutor who can provide unique insight into how the case against you will be presented. Drug DUI cases have various facts that must be proven by the prosecution. Mr. Davidson exclusively defends those charged with criminal offenses, and is focused and prepared when dealing with the rights and freedoms of his clients.

Phoenix DUI & Drug Lawyer – Former Arizona Prosecutor

Drugs and DUI is a serious offense in Arizona. There is a zero tolerance for any found substance in blood, breath or urine tests if you are under 21. A first offense of DUI & drugs, based upon the type of substance and if there are other charges, such as possession, can carry heavy penalties. It is extremely important that your record is not damaged by a conviction, and that you maintain your freedom. If you are fighting a second DUI, an aggressive challenge of your arrest, police procedure and testing results, will be necessary to get a case dismissal or an acquittal. The fines and jail time that can result from DUI and drugs charges are dangerous, and could include losing your freedom for a long period of time.

The identification of any drug present in your system does not automatically indicate you were impaired while driving. It is a fact that drug residue can remain in the system for many days, and there is less supporting science to conclusively prove you were actually under the influence while operating your vehicle. Unlike alcohol, drugs do not metabolize out of the system within several hours. This is only one challenge that could be argued successfully in a DUI & drugs defense.

An initial case consultation is available if you contact us and give the general details surrounding your case. Attorney Davidson is a veteran trial lawyer who has served at over 75 trials to date. He knows how to prepare a forceful defense of your rights. All you need to do is call for an appointment to get started. Time is important in defending DUI & drug charges.

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