Challenging DUI Evidence

How can a Phoenix DUI lawyer help challenge the prosecution's evidence?

If you've been charged with a DUI, you are aware that you are facing serious consequences. When there is sufficient evidence against you for an arrest and charge for DUI, then you need experienced Phoenix DUI lawyer Joshua S. Davidson on your side to protect your rights, and fight for your defense. As a former prosecutor himself, he knows the system inside out, and will work tirelessly for your defense, and will carefully sift through the evidence against you to craft a defense that could lead to a dismissal, reduced charge or an acquittal.

There are a number of strategic ways to challenge the evidence in a DUI case. BAC evidence could be inaccurate, and the outcome of breath or blood testing can be affected by a number of different factors, depending on the type of test administered; breath tests are notoriously imprecise, and even blood tests can return incorrect results when not administered properly. Whether or not the officer had reasonable cause to suspect you were driving while impaired is also an important factor, and it is the role of a DUI defense attorney to make sure that your Constitutional rights have been preserved, and if not, to demand that the evidence is deemed inadmissible.

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A DUI is a serious charge with very heavy penalties in a conviction, and Arizona has some of the most severe penalties for drunk driving in the country. Joshua S. Davidson has served at over 70 jury trials and 100 trials before a judge, and has the experience you truly need on your side. When the services of his firm are retained, he will take the time to study your case and determine the best strategy before putting that strategy into action, and by aggressively defending you in the courtroom. The outcome of your case is his priority, so you can count on him to work diligently to have your case dismissed, to have your charges reduced, to fight for a "not guilty" verdict, or to negotiate for lower penalties.

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